David is such a natural leader, listener, and professional. I have personally been to therapy since I was 16 years old, and one session with David helped me mentally accomplish more than therapy has in 9 years. He is 100% present and there for YOU and only YOU. He is grounded and has an incredible ability to hear and help you navigate the root of your problems. David is not afraid to address and tackle any sort of problem you may be having – all while providing space and silent support if necessary. After our first session, I walked away with personalized, tangible, and manageable tasks to encourage and support the longevity of my new mindset.

Seeing David became a before and after moment for me. My mentality has changed for the best, and I already feel like I’ve made a difference in my day to day life a whole month later. My overall quality of life is the highest it’s been in a long time, and David is a huge reason I got here.

I can’t recommend consistent sessions with David enough. Thank you, David!

Katie Grigsby

Business Owner, Massage Therapist

David is connected. He is a kind, well experienced and extraordinary guide. I had the opportunity to witness David’s gift in the wilderness first hand during my first quest. I felt well taken care of, listened to and safe. The environment that David’s coaching and guiding fosters is unmatched. It is like he disappears in the process so that you, the client, can have the experience you came for. I highly recommend David to any potential local, national or international clients looking to experience the North American wilderness in a profound way.

Rollin Goering

Owner, LC Real Estate Group

It was an honor to have worked with David as a member of the Legacy Outdoor Adventures guide team. I witnessed the gentle, self-assured way he quickly built rapport with our adult male clients. I observed him skillfully leading others to deep places of introspection that he had experienced himself. His effectiveness is based on a humble sense of his own gifts and an awareness of the healing power of nature and relationships.

Gil Hallows

Executive Director, Legacy Treatment Center

When I look back on the work I did with David, I have such strong somatic memories of resonance with him as a coach, with myself, and with the natural world. Something about the way David held space for me and invited me into a relationship with myself allowed me to settle into those sticky, hard-to-reach places that have a way of evading our full-on awareness.

As someone who does a lot of solo work on myself through reading, journaling, meditating, etc., I found working with David allowed me to touch into my experience in ways that I simply hadn’t been able to alone. He was able to weave my experience into the interconnectedness that exists at all levels – internally, interpersonally, and spiritually – allowing me to not only feel connected in session, but to carry that sense of connection with me in my daily life.

Working with him, you can feel the amount of effort he has put in to hone his knowledge and skills and the deep care and respect he brings to supporting you in your unique process. I could not recommend working with David more highly.

Virginia Jenkins

Therapist, Coach

David walks this world doing exactly what he is called to BE and to DO. He is living his purpose with integrity, generosity, care, and intentionality. He held the ceremony of Quest with raw and honest compassion and saw into my heart and soul with tenderness and love. His humble humanity, raucous laughter, reverence and awe, infused our Quest experience with wisdom from beyond.  What an honor to be held in the container he created and to be witnessed deeply by him!

Maria Rose Galter

Life Coach

I was blown away by David’s capacity for insightful and meaningful interactions with everyone from the group, despite the fact that we all came in with vastly different life experiences and had a whole range of intentions for our solo experiences. This was evident in his guidance related to all aspects of the quest, from intention setting to mirroring to re-incorporation. He was a master at getting to the heart of the matter with each person in all aspects of our journeys. He brought tremendous amounts of understanding and also challenged us to keep deepening our experiences, resulting in more powerful experiences for everyone both individually and as a group. I can say without a doubt that my experience was more powerful, and my re-incorporation more successful because of David’s expertise as a guide.

Amy Flemming


Being in ceremony with David was like being in the presence of an ancient leader who specializes in the principles of communication, listening, emotions, authenticity and vulnerability.  He is wise beyond his years and possesses a special gift in creating and holding space for healing, self examination, growth, relationships, forgiveness, affirmation and personal development.

David’s respect for Mother Nature and Mother Earth is so evident in the way that he embraces his work on the land.  He is calm and yet confident, wise and yet curious, powerful and yet tender, professional and yet vulnerable.  I witnessed his response to a medical emergency on the ridge with swift confidence.  He had complete control of the situation and a thorough execution plan in place immediately of not only the patient but of the space on the land in which to administer support. And all the while during the administration of first aid, weaving the plants and insects and nature into the conversation and acknowledging all the workings in the ceremony as a part of the story.  I was honored to share space with David in the ceremony and his leadership as a guide was extraordinary.



David’s ability to really attune on a deep level with his clients shines when he reflects and shares back with them not only what they have shared but what they need to hear in a caring, strong and confident way.  He breathes his belief of them into them.

Sheri Peterson

Life Coach

David is a very powerful guide. I felt safe and cared for in his presence. He is also a skillful coach able to bring the core issue to the light.

Evgenia Kuvshinova

Life Coach

I highly recommend Profound Purpose Coaching to anyone willing to take an honest look at themselves, solidify real and confronting change, and enjoy the process! After two short sessions with David I was able to pinpoint and recognize major blockages in my mindset that have been preventing me from living life to its’ fullest potential. Through his nature-based exercises, I was able to gain a grounded perspective of my deeper needs and tangible steps toward attaining them. 

David, as a coach, allowed me to be vulnerable and to feel truly heard in our discussions. His unique balance of penetrating insight and down-to-earth humor provided a safe space to reflect on the real issues. Throughout the process I felt supported yet empowered to steer the conversation and say what was on my mind. Even outside of our sessions, David made himself available to talk through any and all nagging problems or concerns.

If you are struggling in your path or even if you feel like the course of your life is going smoothly, this experience is relevant to you. There is always an opportunity for growth and evolution, and Profound Purpose Coaching has enabled me to get one step closer in this goal!

Lindsay Kloc

Way to go!

I can't wait for you to put an end to the self-limiting chatter.

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Way to go!
I can't wait for you to put an end to the self-limiting chatter.