Honorable Masculinity Coaching

Step into an Honorable

Way of Being

You’re Not Alone

Are you struggling to have healthy relationships, communicate effectively, or feel like people are asking more of you than you’re capable of?

Do you feel stuck in old patterns, like you’re just winging it, or disconnected from yourself? 

Maybe you were never shown a version of being a man that truly aligns with your values.

You’re not defective or incapable, and you can meet the needs of others in relationships. 

As men, we have inherited a culture of masculinity that doesn’t challenge us to be honorable men, and there’s a severe lack of role models to find for this guidance. 

Together we can work to develop your self-awareness, emotional intelligence and tolerance, and communication skills. 

Deeper connection to yourself, healthy and fulfilling relationships, and genuine confidence in who you are is waiting.

Let’s get you there.

How do I help?

Through my years of training and work with men in a therapeutic treatment center, I’ve gained the skills to teach and guide men into a more honorable way of being that they create.

It’s not easy to go through deep internal transformation on your own, and you don’t have to go through it alone, as men are often told. I didn’t.


I will help you develop:




Emotional Intelligence


Deep, Meaningful Relationship








Soul-Directed Living

Most importantly, you will learn to connect with your inherent wisdom so you can live a life aligned with your unique purpose. I don’t tell you how to live your life – I teach you how to listen to your soul so that the life you live is congruent with your beliefs and values.

How is this different?


 We’ve all heard the terms “healthy masculinity” and “toxic masculinity”. However, I believe the label “healthy” is the imposition of someone else’s ideals and beliefs. “Honorable,” in my use of the term, is more subjective and refers to a way that, when you truly dig deep, is aligned with your inherent goodness and unique experience of showing up in a healthy way.

Honorable masculinity coaching differs from my typical coaching only in that focus more on rewriting the old story of what it means to be a man. Together, we’ll write a new story so that your relationships will be healthier than ever, and you can look at yourself and truly love how you show up as a man.


“Vulnerability is not a weakness, a passing indisposition, or something we can arrange to do without, vulnerability is not a choice, vulnerability is the underlying, ever present and abiding undercurrent of our natural state. To run from vulnerability is to run from the essence of our nature, the attempt to be invulnerable is the vain attempt to become something we are not and most especially, to close off our understanding of the grief of others. More seriously, in refusing our vulnerability we refuse the help needed at every turn of our existence and immobilize the essential, tidal and conversational foundations of our identity.

To have a temporary, isolated sense of power over all events and circumstances, is a lovely illusionary privilege and perhaps the prime and most beautifully constructed conceit of being human and especially of being youthfully human, but it is a privilege that must be surrendered with that same youth, with ill health, with accident, with the loss of loved ones who do not share our untouchable powers; powers eventually and most emphatically given up, as we approach our last breath.

The only choice we have as we mature is how we inhabit our vulnerability, how we become larger and more courageous and more compassionate through our intimacy with disappearance, our choice is to inhabit vulnerability as generous citizens of loss, robustly and fully, or conversely, as misers and complainers, reluctant and fearful, always at the gates of existence, but never bravely and completely attempting to enter, never wanting to risk ourselves, never walking fully through the door.”

-David Whyte


Start Your Journey to Honorable Masculinity

Way to go!

I can't wait for you to put an end to the self-limiting chatter.

I can tell you're already committed to your growth.

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Way to go!
I can't wait for you to put an end to the self-limiting chatter.