As you might know, I’m in the process of growing a business. It’s all new, fun, and exciting and it feels like an endless project that I absolutely love. But I’ve noticed my creativity is getting out of hand and affecting my productivity. 

Yep, I just said that. It’s honestly getting way out of hand!

Don’t get me wrong, I love that there’s a creative part in me that has come alive. But I notice it starting to get in the way of my work/life balance. Simply put, when I want to meditate, or workout, or have a conversation, I want to actually be doing those things fully. I want to be present for those things. So, I’ve realized the importance of having productive internal dialogue with the creative part of me (I call him the Creator). This powerful tool, called partswork, helps to differentiate parts of ourselves to ignite and empower change from deep within. 

*See my post Working with Your Parts to learn more about the partswork model I use with my clients as a powerful tool for growth. 

What does that look like? Just like all healthy relationships, this looks like holding boundaries. I start by catching myself having those creative thoughts when I’m trying to not work and be present for something else in my life. After catching it, I’ll pause the thought so I’m not drifting off into a 5-minute stream of thoughts. Then, and most importantly, I’ll thank that part of me. I’ll thank him for being so creative, and for wanting to contribute to my work. After the praise, I’ll ask him to kindly wait until I need him to show up. 

This is so important. In order to take complete ownership over our minds and our lives, we have to be able to choose what parts of us show up when, and why. If I’m at the gym, I want the athletic part of me there. If I’m meditating, I want the part of me I call the Seeker. If I’m hanging out with friends, I want the parts of me like my Friend or Adventurer to show up. I want to be present and show up with the parts of me that thrive in those situations. That way, when I sit down to work I can call on my Creator and my Work Horse, not the parts of me that would rather be skiing or hanging out with friends. 

This doesn’t mean that we can’t show up as our authentic selves all the time, ignoring parts of our internal experience. It just means we can take back some control. Ask yourself these questions to figure out who (what part of you) needs to show up: “What would it look like for me to show up here in a way that’s aligned with my true self, in a way that I find honorable? What parts of me are getting in the way of that, and what parts of me do I need to call on?” 

So, why might your creativity be less productive than you think? Just like allowing a part of you that loves texting or calling friends to run wild while you’re working, allowing your creative part to run wild while you’re trying to rejuvenate from work is misaligned with how you may need to show up. It’s taking you out of the present moment, robbing you of being fully present and aligned in the moment you’re in. Taking the control back from your internal parts is one of the best ways to maximize your productivity, not just in work, but in all aspects of your life!

This is one way that we can practice aligning our values and our actions. You can ask, “How do I want to show up now? What part of me aligns with that intention?” To learn more about how to work with the parts of you, check out my [Other Post] or reach out to me for coaching and we can focus on partswork!

Way to go!

I can't wait for you to put an end to the self-limiting chatter.

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Way to go!
I can't wait for you to put an end to the self-limiting chatter.